Saturday, 7 December 2013

Appreciated. Flea @ JCube

Super long long long ah long long post. Please be patient to read it all! I am really very excited about this, this post I need to special thanks a lot of people and a lot of supporters and those that had helped me without any gain! Once again I need to specify that I am really appreciative and thank god for all the wonderful things and people he had given me. 

Special Thanks at end of the posts :)

The day didn't start right, I woke up late, I was panicking, lucky dips stickers all not cut, tumblr stickers was cut by my sister and 20% done only. WORSE WAS, I LEFT HOME. The clothes rack was at home. Can I faint?

Reached!!!!! Was extremely mad. My booth was at the extreme end. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZ .
It's extreme end leh, how can people even find me. What a fuck up position. 
I had already expected my customer unable to find me. Tsk. 

That's my father helping me with the rack. Lazy boyfriend was late. 

Photos of my booth. YES. I spent a lot for this. Logos / HangTags and TableTags / Posters. Luckily, some people saw my Blogshop name. If not they wouldn't have stop to shop. 

Guess who's that girl~! *SINGING* 
Guess who's that guy~! *SINGING*


Took photo with my sparkling sparkled girl~~~ 

We chatted for hours. She is really extremely kind, she came earlier than piccolo to help piccolo leh! Poor piccolo was really suay the whole day. 

Because piccolo was not here yet, sparkle came to help me!!!!!! Damn touching X467489493917399590403917717166161616616171716717171717171774848499XX

She helped me cut a lot of stickers hor. So if you gotten a sticker while patronizing my booth, don't forget to thank her ok :)

We chatted a lot of secrets. CANNOT SHARE ONE HAHA. *winks*

Time to start to pack up! I left at .. 6.30PM. Because my boyfriend was going to have a family dinner. 

So sorry babes if.. I left and you came!!!!!!!!! :(

My dinnnnnnner~ YUMYUMYUMYUMYUM. 


All of your lovely CRAFTHOLICS pencil case came from @lovely items ! 
Yes, she is generous, she is a good Blogshop owner that sells really good and affordable items for all teenagers like us. 
I did not expect and would never ask for. She is selling each pencil case for $10, and she gave me 20? So she could had earn back $200. But she didn't. She chose to sponsor it to my Blogshop, to all my lovely customers. I feel blessed. 
God really blessed me. 

Lovely Items came down! With her helper to buy me a drink. I WAS SO TOUCHED. The sun was so hot I almost MELTED. The drink came at the most correct time ever. 
Cherie came down to pass me COOKIES OMG. And some chocolates and HELLOKITTY pocky!
Hey I really really love it ❤❤❤

Thanks for coming, thanks for buying things for me!

To be truthful, the two blogshops that treat me, groomed me was Lovely Items & Uzicorn !!

Thank you for all the awesome feedbacks! Thanks for dropping by! Everyone of you made me more motivated to move on and upgrade DAPINKRUBBISH!

My aim is to bring Da PinkRubbish to a higher level and who knows, maybe one day shopping, you would see my shop! *winks* 

Jean Kuah will not forget who was my benefactors that made Da Pinkrubbish possible. I would never let down anyone and I promise to only make it better!

So do continue to support me! 
Thanks and thanks, never ending of thankfulness.

I have not felt this sense of achievement yet. And I thank you all for this. Something I can never achieve without you all ❤

Also all leftovers would be launched online at www.dapinkrubbish.blogspot.com :)

Every purchase you will get a free tumblr sticker random! So do support ❤