Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Another date w/ Lovely Items ~~~


Met up lovely people on a lovely Tuesday.

First stop we went to.. This *idk* what restaurant which was at BUGIS JUNCTION, and we has this flat crispy pizzzzzzza which taste extremely nice like NICE. YES NICE. BERRY BERRY NICE. 

Lai, show you closeup. Looks nice right!

We proceed to Vivo city as I wanted to treat her to Asian Kitchen. Order so much food until, our stomach wants to explodeeeeee. 

We talk and talk and talk non stop, it was really funny and entertaining throughout the whole of the conversation. 

She is flying to BKK so hopefully she would find a lot of good stocks to bring back and also have a safe trip to and fro! 

Can never thank her enough for he help and support all this while. 

Her new toy puppy. Many said it looks a real puppy HAHAHAH. 
I really can't decide for the things to buy for her so I bought her favorite; dogssssss!!

Fun and enjoying day that I would remember forever! :D