Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013, Last Words.

Last Day of 2013. 

A summary of 2013, the people, the things, it's going to be LONG LONG LONGGG. 

Start off with.. Blogshop?

Da PinkRubbish business is picking up, in my opinion, I gotten to know many wonderful people on the way too. 
DPR was created this year and I am more than satisfied with this year results. 
Wonderful bitches I had known like Millie & Xueey is really my best buddies on my blogshop. 
Not to say I need to thank Audrey (if you don't know too bad), a big thank you for your guidance and help. 
Thanks to Cherie (Uzicorn) for all the chance you given me and groom me in modeling. Gave me mega good deals! Thanks for everything :) 
Thanks to sparkled for always supporting and helping me in whatever ways she can, and helping me cut like so many stickers. 
Also, Cheryl for always supporting me and yes I love you darling!!! HAHHA! <3
The group of clique we are all in together which is a secret, you know who you are la la la la la ~~
Blogshop journey could never had been smooth without you all.
I understand there is a lot of fakeness, competition and backstabbing in blogshop society but I grew braver thanks to all of you! 

Thank you for all DaPinkrubbish supporter! I really thank you for your support and hope you would continue to support me in the upcoming years. 

Next up, friends in school!
My besties; Nicolette, Agnes, Clover and Carrot!
Yea, you guys played an extremely important role in my life this year. All the projects sucks but we managed to motivate each other to do it and get pass it. 
I hope graduation would not make us lose contact! All the best to our studio project 5!

Badass Boyfriend. 
Thanks for tolerating with my nonsense and today, he told me he really wanted to slap my bitch face LOL. 
Didn't went off well with him at the start but never mind, we ended well before he left. 
2014 would be the year he needs to be enlisted.
All the best to our graduation and your NS. I know you are struggling with your work but hang on ok! 2 more months for u! After that we go overseas!


Thanks for everything.