Thursday, 28 November 2013

Too sudden X Skin Food

It was my fault.
I know it was my fault. 
I didn't say it wasn't. 
I didn't not admit it. 

Maybe good things don't last. 

Our awesome dinner yesterday with him before the quarrel. Everything was fine. Wanted to eat something good. But bo lui (no money). So we settled down for, Japanese curry? Haha. 

After our dinner, I went to skin food to buy this product. Well when I first entered the store I really have no idea of what to buy. Cause I m clueless. So I told her, I have these little bumps on my face that are not pimples but looks like pimples. It's little bumps which I dk what's it called. 

So she recommended me to use this black sugar deep cleanser. This product is not bad to smell, price is affordable too. Good for people with thick makeups. 

So yep, I bought it and I was rather surprised that this promoter did not push and insist I buy other products. I am very afraid of this kind of thing. Cause they will end up bullshitting to you to buy the whole series. But because we do not know unless we tried it, we will just BUY BLINDLY. BELIEVING ITS TRUE. CHEATED MAX. 

I really don't want to move on to the quarreling part. Too stressed and emotional about it. It's like I can really just breakdown again at anytime. No need choose auspicious timing or fengshui 位.