Wednesday, 27 November 2013



They had been operating as a different Blogshop name previously, but the owner decided to restart! Hence, now her Blogshop name is UZICORN AC! I love it, loved the stuffs sponsored by her. The lilac sneakers was gorgeous like I can die for lalalaaaaaa.
The florals is so pretty, back cutout was perfect. PER-FACT AH. 
Do support her! This weekend I will be blogging on her taobao handling fees which is like the cheapest in town?!?!


Worked halfday, went to NSC to get back for skin review. 
Had been having those pimples on my back (known fungi infection) WHICH IS NON CONTAGIOUS, almost 90% of the Singaporeans has it so don't jump off your seats. 
I just don't like it so I seeked for treatment. I saw many people back like mine and they just wear spags tops and stuffs that reveals their back. Why not?
Mine is inherited. My sisters also. 
Maybe one day I do a blog post to SCARE you all. How scary my back once look like MUHAHAHA. 
But it's non contagious don't worry. It's very common and it's caused by sweating. 

Before shooting #ootd, boyfriend and I caught a movie. The movie duration very long leh. My butt pain pain. I am not a fan of Hunger Games. So when my boyfriend say he wants to watch it, I was ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZ (KUN AH). 

After the movie I already dead, half dead. 


The below is to recap Tuesday itself. I went to meet godsister *_*

Btw I do customizations of cards for all seasons! Interested please do drop me an email :) min orders is 100 pcs | 1-2 design.
These are for lovely items. 

We went to eat and it was her treat! I feel so paiseh to let her treat :(
But I totally adore her ok. She is damn funny. We never stopped talking. Talked non stop, talked talked talked talked talked hahaha. I wonder is it talk too much, the air go into the stomach and then we felt very full. 

Tiring week next week. Really tiring. Working night shift, running around the whole of Singapore. Wish me luck. 

( ̄Д ̄)ノ
Bye bye. 

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