Friday, 29 November 2013

Sneaks Peeks Flea

Woke early. Got time to blog for 一下下. Next week is a hell tedious week which I will reach home after 3am for work. 

I am so excited for the flea leh! I had gotten in many many pretty nice things for people to shop and buy! But due to time constrain I cannot upload leh asdjkldhshdjrjfnndjsj URGH. 

BUT, just to share some peeks here! 

See the amount of clothings I would have to bring man. Fainting. 

Going to be giving away this striped craftholic on my flea! If you haven't seen my poster, check it out at www.dapinkrubbish.com or at my previous previous posts :)

I hope to see my lovely customers there! Thanks for all of your support in advance :)

I will be doing up the tumblr stickers tonight! First come first serve and while stock lasts :)


My farewell dinner for working at Adidas for internship! Looks yumyum? 

Will come back and update again :*

I miss blogging a lot and if I don't blog for two days I feel WEIRD. But when I blog and type, the phone just made me.. Sleepy. Like got sleepy spell like that. I just accidentally fall asleep. 

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