Friday, 22 November 2013

HSA ALERT x Daily Thrills

Barbie Lenses are commonly sold online everywhere. Anywhere.
Instagram? Carousell? Facebook? Any kind of social platforms. 

But. There is a high risk of selling contact lenses online. 

I do use Barbie lens too. I bought them online. But recently I cut down on using them because it make my eyes really red and painful. I use them only on weekends. 

Back to the main topic, because as we know Singapore is a rather strict country that is very serious on the health products that we bring in and sell to citizens, Health Science Authority (HSA) is very active recently to catch illegal sellers. 
You can think I am bullshitingg but that's up to you to decide. 

When I was chatting with my good sister yesterday, she told me she got a fine of 25K for selling unlicensed lens. 
Repeat offenders get JAILED. 
This is seriously no joking matter. Her house and workplace got raid cause of this too. The amount of lost because of wanting to earn quick money ended up this way. 
So I only can encourage blogshops that sells lens to stop soon just in case HSA catches you soon. 

Because a lot of sellers, their mindset is, Aiyah, so many shops selling. I won't get caught one. 
SURE? Currently HSA got this IT GEEKS parked at their desk to follow you on your Instagram and Carousell and add you up on Facebook and track you down. I AM SERIOUS. This was what happened to my sister. They are not only talking about it on catching people. They are serious and springing into action to catch you without you even knowing it. 

Before you lose more money, it's advised that lens seller stop selling lenses. Of course you can choose to take the risk. Just don't regret if you get caught. 


Part two is .. 

Sharing of what I did yesterday. 

WORK. I don't want to talk about work on a weekend so, I skip to the night date. 

Here is the watch I gotten for my dear boy. 

Supervisor treat during work! It's my first time eating YOGURU. HAHA. 
Green Tea | Fruity Pebbles | Aloe Vera

Baby in his new watch! ;)

Below are flashbacks *.*

Sweet little baby boy xx yumyum

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