Thursday, 14 November 2013

Eyelash Picks

OMG recently had been so in love with this pair of lashes that I would love to share with my readers!! 

I have short eyelashes and worse is recently my eyes had been allergic to lenses so I can't wear my dolly Barbie lenses until this weekends. Had been a week since I had went LENSLESS. 
So to make my eyes looks fresh and alluring without my contact lens, I had to search for another alternative ---- fake eyelash. 

Eyes is the most important part of the face. Your tiredness, sadness, happiness, would be shown in your eyes. It doesn't look good to be sloppy. And it makes people around you feel.. Sleepy or that you are so SHAG. 

SO, I wanted something less exaggerating and something more clean cut. 

This pair of lashes from étude house gave me satisfactory results!

Natural ✔✔✔✔✔ 
Quality ✔✔✔
Weight ✔✔✔✔✔

The clear line makes it appear thin, looking like you are as if not wearing any fake eyelash and instead you are having eyelash extensions. 

It blended well with my natural eyelash. So there isn't much difference and your eyelash became longer and curler. 


So how? Are you convinced? I suggest you buy a box to try! The glue can be messy so I did not try it and I used my personal eyelid glue! 

** this product is in no way sponsored directly or indirectly from Étude House. I had paid the exact amount and purchased it in an Étude House branch in Bugis Junction. Reviews are 100% truthful of what I feel which wearing it. 

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