Thursday, 28 November 2013

Blogshop Rant.

I don't scold doesn't mean I m a pushover.  
Have some common sense. Have some business ethnics. Don't have then don't do a business. 
Saw people commenting on other shops; not happening on me but, just pissed so I share. 

Scenario 1:
Hey, so exp I saw cheaper at blah blah.
Scenario 2:
I m selling this! Try me!

BRAINLESS OR WHAT. Purpose of us doing Blogshop business is to earn. We don't do CHARITY. 

We spent time take photos, let you see nice photos, spent time sourcing items, let you have nice choices to choose, spent time packing parcels to mail you, spent time meeting up. You want to do free job? You very generous? Your time is not worth a dollar? OH FINE. You are too free and too useless I guess.

No CS (common sense). You like it when people do the same back to you la! Don't like? Then why do it. Problem with this kind of retards is, they don't think before they do. They think they are helping the customers finding cheap things. YEA RIGHT. YEA. No one will be grateful to you. EVERY HATE U AH I TELL U >:(

All sorts of rubbish happening around online recently. Some are a total joke. Some are totally jerks. 

Ah. Just saying. Sorry if I m FIRECE. Sometimes we need to flare one. If not 忍太久会死人 (tolerate top long will die). 

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3