Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Blogshop Journey Part 2

Blogshop Journey Part 2! Da Pink Rubbish..

DaPinkRubbish was established this year. But it doesn't mean I am new with this Blogshop society. Previous experiences taught me a lot of precious lesson. 

I have to admit I had been blessed. Nothing major had happened to DPR. AND I HOPE IT WOULDN'T >.<
Minor issues do happen at times as they are unavoidable. 

Ok, so before I even restarted DPR, I had to make plans before I open. 
> Blogshop Name 
> Things to sell
> Instocks or Preorder
> Blogshop Policy 

And there are millions of selling account! How are you going to stand out from them? How are you going to sell? How are you going to make sure you have something, something that other blogshops don't have. 

I realized again that it doesn't mean you have to sell RARE, AWESOME, EXCLUSIVE things in order to succeed. It is the shopping experience you give to your customers. 

Anyone that purchase or pass by your Blogshop may or CAN become your regular customers. So never disrespect or be rude to any customers. TRY. HAHAH. I understand some are just irritating assholes. 
Chatting makes your relationship better. It makes you understand your customer likes and preferences too. So next time when you were to order for stocks, you know which kind of cutting, design and prints most of your customer likes. 

So, I decided to put my 'customer service' into hands. 
If I have time, I chat with my customers! I don't mind you know! As in why not? I love some of my lovely customers. They always come back to support me, chat with me and etc. Its a bond where many Blogshops are missing out. 

BUT, Some might decide to DISAGREE with me. YEAH, WHY NOT? They say: But I open Blogshop is to open money what, I don't want to spent or even waste my time to entertain people. Want buy then buy, don't buy then go away. 
WOW RIGHT. Money in their eyes is so TMD important. As in, I am not saying money is not important. But I balance relationships + money. 
Customers that bought from me before should know that, I am chat-a-ble. I can talk with you, I can give you freebies, I can give you slight discount, I try to do little things that makes people feel happy. 
As in, something's not money can buy one ma, don't always put money as your priority that you forget things around you that are FREE and PRICELESS. 

THIS BLOGSHOP, DPR, had bring me a lot of joy and making me feel boost in my life. I cannot deny that it is tiring too. But it's fun in a way. 

My word of advice if you are a newly Blogshop. Don't be too obsessed with the profit area first. See how you can even make your Blogshop legit and trustable, gaining people's trust and building good relationships. 

I allow exchanges. I allow change in orders. I allow quite a lot of REASONABLE REQUESTS for my customers. 
Normally I would not blacklist if I do not need to. If you are responsible to inform, I m perfectly fine. 
But of cause don't go overboard and try your luck. 
Some blogshops are too HARD ON SELLING. They just want to sell, FAST, they don't have policies like this, they just say no refunds no exchange and even if their items are defected, they don't even mention it like WTH. But the way you are doing is wrong. NO ONE WILL GO BACK OH PLS. And the way people feedback to your shop to other people is, your Blogshop sucks, attitude sucks. Don't ever buy. 

I look at people's mistakes, and I learn from them. To make sure I don't follow their footstep and what can I do to prevent it. It reminds me not to be like them and if I were to act like them, I would end up the way like them getting in mess they couldn't clear. Preventing is better always better than kanaing. 

Da Pink Rubbish started with nothing much. Not much customers, not much support, just like any NORMAL SELLING ACCOUNT. Imagine the amount of selling accounts. How would you even succeed and stand out? 
It's hard at the start. INSTOCKS ALL STUCK. Cannot sell at all. Struggling like I can DIE. Cause my money invested. 
But, it's ok, I didn't keep only adverting for my items. I started to treat that Blogshop like my PERSONAL account. I post statuses of myself, I chat on people status, and who knows I made friend with so many Blogshops. CHAT AH. NOT POR. Don't even try to POR any blogshops, it just look damn DESPO and FAKE. 
Ended up we can chat like friends, have fun and talk nonsense to each other. 
It's just that bond I really gotten that I can never BUY. 

So, when you know more people, people starts to shop with you. They like your stuff is not enough. They need to TRUST you. It's the same theory you wouldn't order if you do not trust that seller what. 


I don't sell preorders. WHY?
Firstly, I do not like to make my customers wait. I strongly believe that they want to buy because they have the urge of using it within that WEEK itself. 
Secondly, links to the first point, your customer loses interest of the item due to the long waiting time. This is where the unhappiness, quarrels kicks in. They would back out, they would keep pestering you etc. 
Thirdly, I hate to disappoint customers. I try not to at least. Preorders are not 100% SAFE. Not 100% going to be safely shipped here. It's not going to be that quality. Not going to be that color, it's not going to be defectless. IT'S NOT PERFECT. I encountered countless of times, ordering items, white shoes had stained, top had stain, wallet color dropped, bottom has holes. 
Hence I sell Instocks, because I see and sell according to that piece of condition. I can mail it in that week that the customer  had already paid. It reaches my excited customer within that period of time. 

The reason why my Blogshop could had went on (I don't call myself um, popular) but is because I observe my competitors.

I hope this post is useful for people that are considering to start out a new business. And I hope now you understand the 'secret' of how DPR grew. 

DPR grew, not cause of me. Cause of a lot of benefactors. My customers and Blogshop owners. 

I sincerely thank a lot of you. It's a big thanks for helping out when I needed help and support. 

You can always be better. The choice is yours.  

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