Saturday, 16 November 2013

Advertorial & Tutorial: Jandy Instocks

Thanks Jandy Instocks for all the following items. I took all the photos with my 100% commitment + heart to show with everyone how great her products are. 

Below is a tutorial of how to apply temporary tattoos!

Just to add on: remember to apply pressure on the tattoo when you placed the cloth on. And make sure the paper is fully wet before trying to remove. 

Moving on next.. Romantic Floral Handmade Headbands. 

OMG so pretty x 100000000000. Not my face but that absolutely pretty floral headband. My favorite was the pink roses! What about you people? :) 

It's a mustache! And guess what. She is only selling it for like $4?! 

Hair ties. My hair is like seaweeds all over. These adorable scrunchies is a MUST for me man! 
It's only a dollar each sold by her! OMGNESS. So cheap where to find. 

Heart // Mind 

Just before I end this post, everything you seen here, is 100% going to be sold on her flea! This is an awesome flea you would not want to miss! As in, 
$4 floral headband? $4 beanie? $1 scrunchies? OMG. WHAT? 

Location: Scape (somerset station)
Date: 22 Nov
Time: 10am-8pm

Do go! Even I want to go! ❤❤❤

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