Sunday, 24 November 2013

A film with lovely items // my favourite Blogshop owner ever.

Greatful, to meet great people, new people, awesome souls. I am really blessed to meet such a good owner, that is sincere and treats me really well. I am glad to meet these two girls today as they were so friendly and adorable! I really am happy today. It's true to say. 

Just arrived at ION orchard, took a photo with my godsister, she took great care of me! Haha! She is the owner of lovelyitemss on Instagram. I can only say that, I learnt many things from her, things that are true in life, I feel so motivated. 

After first scene nearby Victoria secrets, we went to film the second scene at Hagen Das? Lol. Not sure if its spelt correctly. TOO ATAS FOR ME. Ice cream for $30? Too much for me to handle luxurious food. I don't appreciate. 
We settled down for mocha, IS DAMN BITTER, and I even used the straw opposite way, EMBARASSING much LOL

HAHAHAHAH. This is epic. I bet passer bys are shock by us. Doing gwiyomi at the traffic area. LOL
Excited on the videoooooooo. 

After all the scene. We went to meet her friend, Elim Chew, a multi millionaire in SG. Which owns 77 street. Now her godson, Elijah Ng opened a shop TheBox @ scape underground. 

Loved the freebies! Haha! The stickies and fruit juice! What a nice bottle packaging yeah! :)

AH. Knitted bear bear. Sorry la. I got fetish for such things. Even myself also don't understand why I will buy such things and waste unnecessary money. Tsk. Jean, you need to maintain leh :(

I cannot explain. HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS PONY :(
You can buy it from her, it's limited edition and sold in US. She is so smart to be able to bring stocks. 

Lovely pullover from her! KISS pullover! It's new stocks! And über comfortable! 

Went to find larva boy after the film. Had subway and watched friends with benefits. 

Long and tiring day. Monday blues hit me. Ah. I don't want to work. 😴

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