Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday. About Time.

Ootd for part one. 
My boyfriend was pissed. So hot still ootd. WALAU. 

So we came back to my house first because the movie starts at 7.05 :(

After movie, #ootd again because I wanted to send this skirt to lovelyitems again. She is just such a lovely owner :)

Picture together. How much we had changed this 4 years. I think I could never met someone better. 

You are the one that told me I look great with or without makeup. And without make up I look even better. Someone that took care of me better than anyone else. 

While returning home before movie, these cute peplum reached my house. Heheh. Isn't it gorgeous?
Available in pink // purple. 

Lilac : 1 X SOLD
Pink: 2 X SOLD

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