Wednesday, 23 October 2013

SP Curve / Promo code C2

So comfy. So comfy. DAMN DAMM COMFY. Decked in with Sp Curve's cotton grey hearts hoodie! You need to own one man!!

They had marked down their prices again! So if you are like me, budget buys, you have got to check out their stores!


So if you have not taken a look, please do so! They have wonderful items. Dresses / Tops / Bottoms and even PASTRIES! <3


Launching this two way top in C2! :D

As usual the greatest gift after work is to meet HIM!

We went nearby to eat~ so we went to bugis to have our dinner and head back home. 

Once I reached home, I started packing the parcels with my sore eyes. It's damn freaking @=££#%>|€~*~* LOLOL. 

So after that I packed the arrival of stocks. Some items I had ordered. Totally omgness.

One freaking huge lump of clothings. 

Folded it neatly! So......

I am hoping my launch will be up by mid November!
I m excited! Are you?

For my dearest *stalkers* (just kiddin) here's your promocode: JEANKBLOG

Just quote it to receive free normal postage on whatever you purchase! :D

Cheers xx

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