Sunday, 20 October 2013


Lets make this a serious post.

I don't eat good food everyday. Neither do I buy expensive, branded items. 

I spend a lot. But I spend what I earn from my blogshop. 

I hate to save and I find it hard to save. 

But when, I grow up, I realized, there is a lot of things that requires money.
Me and my boyfriend, aging 19 this year and he would be enlisting next year. 

Everything in Singapore is fluctuating, food, car and HOUSING. Can we even imagine the amount we have to pay for a wedding? A house? I don't need a car, I can take public transport. We need a roof after marriage for sure. He would be enlisting and by the time he ORD, he's going to be 23 years old by then. He would have just stepped into the working society. 

Although, we had thought of it, he suggested from now on, every month we have to deposit $100 into our joint account since we have internship pay. 

I shall not disclose how much is my pay but, these are the monthly things I have to pay for and it's a must. 

1. Transport: $50-$80
2. Mum: $100
3. Cosmetics: $150
4. Joint account: $100
5. Phone Bill: $80-$90
Total Expenses/per month = $550+/-

And to count what's left. It's pathetic. 
So when dates comes in, quarrels comes in. Because of money, we never failed to quarrel. I beg your understanding of my financial status and try to talk to you, but you would always tell me I could have not buy this and that. 

Sick of quarreling with you on money already. 

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