Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday Blues

Having fun after work. Short shoot outside my house like a retarded and making so much noise because I was laughing like a crazy women. Lol. 

These can be bought under my wardrobe craze tab. 

Here is my #ootd, the same shit. Loving the corset details of the jeans at the front. And my baseball tee. Comfy as always. 

I need a blardy hair cut. My hair is long like corn hair and so irritating. The among of hair I had been dropping is sufficient to make into a broom. Gosh. 

Today. Fun. 

My working partner is not in the office since the morning. So the ' interns gang ' invited me to join them for lunch. 
They are lovely, adorable and friendly! Totally love to hang out with them :))
Most of them are from SMU. Really good at studying. 
Sighpie. I wonder what the hell am I doing still. GAH /:

Guess my only motivation for time to pass at work is to keep on thinking that my boyfriend would be meeting me after work. This keeps me going. 

On the way back, I started to think even more. The times me and him had been so sweet back in secondary school. Not saying we ain't sweet now but, we were so naive and dumb in the past. Haha. 

Alrights. Night <3

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