Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lovely Items x OOTDs

Who deserves a shout out once and once again? Of course my *mummy* lovely items. HAHAH!

Find her at lovelyitemss on Instagram! 

Seems like she bought in more new arrivals. Items are definitely worth buying. Cheapest rates you can ever find in town here! ❤❤❤

Wearing the MR Bean tee from her too. It's just too awesome and comfortable!


Was supposed to do photoshoot today. For my new collection. But hell am I tired. *raises both hands with white flag* 
It's damn tiring I swear. Then my boyfriend and I decided to.. CATCH MOVIE. WALALALA. 

We watched special ID. The show was nice. But the ending was too draggy. 

After that, dined in at food republic. 
My goodness. The dried noodles sucks. It's like I hate that chilli. And I hate every bite of it. 

Spare me. Gonna sleep. Was finding this customer items until I pull hair. 

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