Thursday, 10 October 2013

Inferno x #ootd

Just another usual date after work. The movie inferno was awesome!

We should never take small things lightly. Especially fire can occur very easily without warning and it's not your choice. 
People are bound to die in this kind of disaster where lost ones are lost withnin a split second and you don't get to choose whether you want it to happen a not. 
High rise buildings that caught on fire, imagine the floor they are at, they can't go down and could only keep climbing up. The higher they had gone up to, they get more scared as the fire engine towers are no longer able to reach them. 
Teamwork is especially important there. If you panick in a fire scene, you will die definitely. Totally love this movie cause it meant a lot more to me. 

My ootd took at singpost. LOL. Why am I doing there when Saturday I am going to go and queue there super early to mail all my customers parcels. 

So we found this signage and we conveniently placed my phone on it and then self shot. HAHA. 

ASOS (Grey Tee)
Taiwan Spree Rabbit Jumpsuit
Carousell Seller
Tote Canvas from Bugis Junction. 

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