Thursday, 31 October 2013

Excessive Sleepiness x Bruxism

Excessive sleepiness had been affecting my life drastically.

I lose concentration when I am on work, blanking out, blur, forgetful. I fall asleep very fast and unknowingly. My muscle will relax and I lose balance. 
It had been ongoing for quite a period of time and I had never paid close attention to it before. I thought I just don't have enough sleep and everyone in my class are having the same problem. 

HOWEVER, I don't think so. Currently, I am on internship where the workload is lesser. I sleep approximately 5 hours on average. So, it should not be insufficient? 

In the day, I doze off every 5-10 mins. This had been happening in my school studio too. And I can nap up 3-4 times. 
Although I sleep a lot in the day, I still am able to sleep soundly at night. 
In my office, within the next 15 mins, sleepiness would hit me again. I would start to blur out, feel heavy, then fall asleep. My internships colleague had been asking me, why haven't start you KO Liao. 

Ok, I try my very best to not sleep. I tried keeping my eyes fucking open. But my mind and brain is like asleep. I can't function I can't think and the work speed is ultra slow. 

There had been a few incidents of what I had encountered in public space. 

1. I was standing in the train. I felt sleepy, I suddenly fell, BACKWARDS, as my legs fell 'asleep'. The people behind me was shocked and asked if I m fine. Yes I m, I told them I was sleepy. 

2. Everytime in the train, as long as I stay idle for 10 mins, my eyes will start to close. I will be then start to fall a little, then faster stand straight. This had been happening not only in trains. Anywhere as long I stand idle for 10 mins or more. 

3. I was ironing clothings and I fell asleep. Ok this is super dangerous. Lucky it was a steamer. So not that serious. I was ironing the clothes halfway and I just felt my hand giving way. Then I gathered back my attention as I felt the hot-ness. 

4. I was rolling tapes, rolling and rolling. Suddenly I fell asleep again. The tape cut my hand. Subsequently I woke after feeling the pain. 

5. Cutting pieces of paper, I fell asleep again! It's scissors. Omgness. I am like cutting and I can even sleep. 

People ask me why m I not learning to drive. Looking at my health like this, do I dare to drive? 
It's just an excuse partly to say cars are unable to be afford in Singapore. 
I don't want my sleepiness to get over my life and harm people around me. 

Bruxism. It's something one can't diagnose by him/herself. 
It had started when my mum told me that, you had been biting and grinding you teeth while sleeping. Why are you doing that. 
I am like, perhaps I was eating in my dream? I don't know. Haha. 
BUT, this had been happening almost EVERYDAY. My sister that bed with me say I am noisy. I keep biting. 
So I ask my boyfriend, did I do this?
He said yes, every time I sleep with him, my teeth just keep making a lot of noises. 
I was freaking out. 
I went to google this phenomena. It's actually Bruxism. So it's caused by stress and other reasons. Because of these, my mouth, the two sides are a little swollen instead because I BITE MY OWN MOUTH ._.
And I never even realized it. 

I am starting to get very worried over my excessive sleepiness in the day. My insufficient sleep and wanting to sleep whole day is affecting my life so much that I hate it and yet I can do nothing much about it. 

I really need..  Help. 

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