Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cloudy and the chance of meatballs 2 X #ootd

#ootd is ----> fluttered off shoulder top. This would be up on my next launch. 
Thinking if I should get in yellow. See how it goes :)

Photo credits to my lovable boyfriend. 

Movie: Cloudy & The Chance Of Meatball 2 is awesome! Hehe. I love that strawberry kiddo. It's damn adorable. The plot was well, /good enough for a cartoon/ . 

After movie, we came back to my messy house to take photos of my launch. OMG. Damn a lot of things. I think I can launch 10 times. Lol. 

Unglam shot of me. Stupid boyfriend //:

We had our dinner and continue packing. My heart was so scared because I was rushing and afraid I would be late for the launch ><

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