Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bunny x Boyfriend Day

The dots and dots and dots and dots... 

Rise and shine at 9 in the morning. Packed my parcels into two big bags and meetups in another one big bag. So I carried three heavy bags out. Who said having a blogshop was easy?

After all meet ups, I met supplier. And she told me like 30 mins before MEETUPS what was OOS ._. And ended up a few items was not available. GAH. 

Shot my #OOTD just right infront of The Cathay. I remembered OMS was having a flea, so I decided to drop by. And I saw Mui Leng! My dear customer. I am sorry for being so blur. Have too many customers and I always mix you babes up! Sorry!!

Too many people there and I didn't really grab their clothings. 

So I went for shades. 

The self shots we had today. I want that smile there permanently. No tears no heartbreaking. I love you just like how much you love me. I treasure you and I swear to stay by you. 

After shopping, we went to.. Just Asia. 
I always order that same old dish. I am just never sick of it. 

Kimchi Soup Udon Set

Their ice cream and drinks are free flow. So it's rather affordable! About $10-$12 per person depending on what you order. 

Because my bunneh stockings is such an adorable killer, I took more shoots of it. Can you withstand that cuteness?! 
Walking around town around like this and received stares but why not? It's because it's not mainstream. How many wear these. It's your luck to see one. 

Today, ended off with no quarrels. You sent me home and we bought back $2 chicken rice to eat. 

I didn't want to quarrel yesterday. It was too much for me to handle. 

Sorry if, I had always pestered you to take my OOTDs. Perhaps you are tired, and I kept making noise, I just want to take it. 

I love to take OOTD & BLOG about it, just like how you love TENNIS & GAMING. 

I had always been thankful you are patient. And I thank god for giving me such a wonderful boyfriend. 

What else more could I expect?

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