Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bonding w/ colleagues

My 6th week @ Adidas.
Nothing bad had happened and I had more friends made there~

Photo credits to openrice.com. 

Basically, today we went out to have dinner at this restaurant. 

This is my summary:
Venue: The Rotisserie
Food: Fish & Chips
Price: $12

Rating: 5/10

I ordered fish and chips. It was totally GROSS. The crust taste extremely weird like... It's just flour. THICK FLOUR. FATTENING SHIT. 

See the flour. OMFG. WHAT DA FUG I JUST PAID. OKEH FORGET IT. Obviously I didn't finish it cause its so grossed.

Decked in my 99 mesh top today! Über loved it! <3

Because I am not sure if I am allowed to show any thing from work, I decided not to post the pictures. 
It was so fun! Halloween party during work. Where people would dress up like any ghost. I should have worn my skeleton top! Aww!


I think I am starting to open up to my colleagues. Yes I was shy and scared when I first joined them. This is something I would never forget even if I leave Adidas.

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