Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Blogshop Journey.

This is going to be a super long post. This shall be the story of how did I started my blogshop. How the buying and selling started.


I was just scrolling through Facebook in year 2011, when I was 17. I saw this person selling clothings she no longer need on it. 
I was like shopping very frequently afterwards from many sellers. I bought hello kitties, I bought clothes, bags anything I could find. I find it magical LOL

Then after the buyings, I felt broke. And I felt I have many clothing that does not suit me which might suit others! So I decided to start one 'selling account'. When I first started. I was like OMG, this is going to be fun!
Ended up? No one bought from me! Haha! I was like puzzled. Oh why oh why. 
Then finally someone, FINALLY COMMENTED. SWAPS? I was like, Hi^^! What's that? LIKE DUMB LITERALLY. 

She was like oh! Like trading? You can take something from me to swap with your clothing. I was surprise this could be done. 
As in why not! You can revamp your wardrobe without spending money!
Hence.. I started swapping like MAD. I need to call myself SWAPPING CLOSET INSTEAD OF PRELOVED CLOSET (My first ever blogshop name). 

I felt that I should stop swapping and my friend was actually interested to collaborate with me! So we opened a new account known as..... MADEOFLOVE BLOGSHOP. 

Yes. Good things happened. Bad things too of course. I remember clearly, how some blogshop owners tried to threaten me and malign me. That was really sad when most people stood up and backup the blogshop owner that was wrong. I felt so devastated. As I didn't know that people would do such thing?

Ok, basically, what happened was, 
This two incident was the most most memorable ones. 

I remember I dealt with this girl (no longer operating), I swap my top with her item. So it's a trade by postage. 

Of course I mailed her items. She told me, it's damn long she never receive. I said I didn't receive too. I DIDN'T AT ALL. Then? She posted in the group, saying with a caption, hey, guys, check this parcel, it's torn so badly. Inside item lost. How ah?

Then I was scrolling news feed and I saw. So I was like WTF? I didn't scold vulgarities obviously. And I was like no, I packed it nicely. THE PARCEL WAS RIPPED BADLY WITH HOLES. MACHAIM DOG CHEWED IT. LOL

I was obviously mindfuck. Worse is everyone standing up for her. No one listens to me. This is why, if you have back ups you sure win. THEN YA YA PAPAYA LOR. 

Second deal with this shop (still operating), she is freaking fussy, as in ok, I apologize that my item was a little stained as I didn't check but she could always repick another item? Then? She go post big big on blacklist group say what MADEOFLOVE BLOGSHOP IGNORE ME. FUCK. IGNORE? I have join so many stupid groups and the notifications are SPAMMING like 100 notifications. Of course It was flooded down. Then the members kept tagging me in the post. AGAIN. EVERYONE STAND UP FOR HER.......
Yes I was nothing. I wasn't popular, maybe nobody knew me, they think I might scam? I don't know. 

Before I had closed down this Blogshop, I tried rebranding it. 
I named it OHGOSH DANGERZONE. Yes, I created logo and tried adverting. However it was not really successful after a few months. YES I FAILED THREE TIMES.  

SUBSEQUENTLY, I closed the account in 2012. 

It was a learning point for me. How to manage time between studying and on the shop, how fake some idiots can be, how careful you must be to avoid every possible way the blogshop can think of to attack you. 

For example.

To prevent people from saying I would scam, I wouldn't mail, I diligently took videos of every single parcel I mailed. EVEN 20 PARCELS? I TOOK 20 VIDEOS. To assure my customers that I AM LEGIT. 

To prevent myself from not seeing important tags, I off notifications for groups so I wouldn't be spammed. 
This way I can avoid to not be accused of *ignoring*.

To prevent customers complaining about your  preorders are untrustable as yours takes forever to come, I would only bring in instocks. 

To prevent them from saying that they had a bad experience dealing with you, I have given them freebies, chat while dealing, positive attitude etc. 

Many many more of course..

Who said failing means you would fail forever?

Part two would be up tomorrow, how did I build up DA PINKRUBBISH. 

I hope you babes can get some inspirations from this post if you are or planning to be a blogshop owner anytime soon. 

Setbacks are no longer failures, unless you feel so.

See you :)


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