Saturday, 21 September 2013

The birth of Bitto.

Today's blog post is on a cute little plant I had gotten yesterday. 

I named it 'Bitto'. 

Read to find out where can you get this amazing creature. 

It's in a bottle when I first gotten it. Bitto was secured well in the bottle so it would not shift around when holded. 

So the bottle could be open up into two sections so you can easily remove Bitto.

This is the top view of the items. Bitto back is empty and that is the area where the magic is going to take place soon. 

These are instruction menu | seeds | fertilizer. 

Remove the rubberband and tag from Bitto and pour in the seeds and fertilizer. 

Just place Bitto on top and now, you are ready to watch your plant grow ❤

Where can you buy these babies?
On their Facebook? 

It's comes with Panda / Rabbit / Bear / Pig and One more animal. Can't recall. Total there are 5 designs!

Do check them out!! ❤❤❤

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