Sunday, 29 September 2013

Photoshoot - Miyoc - Racksandbones

Tumbling up and down today like a blur sotong. 

Woke up at 9am, *i take 2 hours to prepare*, started washing up, make up, make hair, make clothes and make everything *_*

I left my house at 12pm and walked to the interchange to take the bus I was supposed to take (962). 
So I alighted at the stop I was told to but, I CAN'T FIND THE INDUSTRIAL BUILDING. 
Struggling with the stupid maps, I raise my hands and gave up.
At first the owner of the blogshop even wanted to fetch me after hearing I'm lost. Oh my so sweet of her!! ❤
End up, I hailed a cab and cab there instead. 
While in the cab, the driver uncle was like, ohmy so near leh, haha. 
Me: oh, I first time come so I don't know. Haha. 
Uncle: haha, this is walkable distance! 
*just one u turn then I reached*
The far never even jumped. LOL

Reached the studio~ studio was clean and nice and comfortable and ........ Perfect. 
The people was nice. Really nice! I totally loved them all.
Then I shoot for 2 and a half hours! They have so many pretty and awesome clothes~ too bad I don't have pictures :( !
I am waiting for the photos so I can show u guys! ❤

Before starting the shoot, they were steaming clothes so I went to rest at the sofa. They had a fluffy carpet :x
So the camwhore started to whore around with the camera. BEEDOHDEEEDOHHHHH

Ohohteeedeee for tudae~~
Went to meet my boyfriend after the shoot. Sometimes I really need to slap myself to remind I have a great boyfriend. 

It's been a long time since I had bought you something. Here's, a, teddy, for u.
*white towel liked bear for you*

Pillow now has a brother! Named, towel! ❤

It's home sweet home. I want to live my life perfect. Like I wish I could. I hate people that judges me. I am who I am. I don't want to fake another me out of me, myself. 
Don't tell me what you like and want me to be. What I am, is my choice. Take it. Or leave it. 

Meanwhile, I am waiting for the photos. So once it's out, I will share with u this awesomeeeeeee blogshop. You can find them at MIYOC & BUGIS ❤❤❤

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