Thursday, 26 September 2013


My new kicks. I guess working at Adidas has its benefits. *_______*

#ootd yesterday. Went out with my girlfriend for shopping ❤

Went to miyoc omg and I bought so many items. 

Shall blog about the items seperately :)

We had steamboat at Thai Express! It was awesome. We went to the one at JCUBE. The auntie was so sweet and helpful. Really efficient. I would definitely go again. 
We ate there for 2 hours + ? For only $26 each. Cheap and super full. 
Thinking of the amount of fats on me afterwards. 

Back to today....

My boyfriend came today and bought me dinner. He was afraid I am going to starve and stand at the station to wait for him so he asked me to go home and rest first and he would go get food. Thanks so much :')

Hello kitty donut is awesome. It's really nice. You have got to try!!!!! You wouldn't regret :)

I'm so excited for this weekend shoot at miyoc warehouse. Hopefully all goes well!

Back to watch Xfactor! Blog again soon❤

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